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Carry a piece of the divine with you at all times with our handmade Crystal Angel Keychain. Each angel is lovingly crafted and infused with reiki charged crystals within it's head, giving it an extra boost of positive energy. You can customize your keychain by choosing the colour and crystal that resonates with you, making it a truly personal and meaningful accessory. Whether you're looking for protection, love, or healing, our Crystal Angel Keychain is the perfect way to keep those intentions close to you wherever you go. Bring a touch of spirituality and positivity to your everyday life with this beautiful and unique accessory.

Crystal Angel Keychain

Body Colour
Head colour
  • These angels are my own design and are approximately 8.5cm tall with a 5cm long keychain attached. The head of the angel is filled with toy grade stuffing.  The face is sewn on with embrodery thread. Each angel is made to order.

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