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Introducing our handmade crochet heart keychain, a charming and meaningful accessory that holds the power to remind you of love and positivity throughout your day. Each heart is delicately crafted with care and intention, making it the perfect addition to your keys or bag. Available in a variety of colours, you can choose the one that resonates with your soul the most. These keychains are made to order, ensuring that each one is uniquely tailored to bring warmth and love into your life. Carry a piece of spiritual significance with you wherever you go with our crochet heart keychain.

Heart Keychain

  • Handmade with acrylic yarn and toy safe stuffing with metal keyring attached. The heart measures 6.5cm at widest point across by5.5cm tall, 2.5cm wide. The keychain part measures 5.5cm to top of chain.

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